Okay, so you might be thinking, all dogs are lovable, and of course you are right. But there is something about bulldogs that sets them apart. In this post I’ll cover some of the history and features of bulldogs you won’t find in other breeds.

Bull Baiting

This might upset some people, but remember this was over 100 years ago. Bull baiting was a blood sport where a full sized bull would be tied to a post on a leash while 1 or more bull dogs would attempt to take the bull dog down. It sounds brutal I know, but this is what people in England did for entertainment back then and is how the bull dog we know and love today got it name.

Rolls & Rolls

The most obvious and instantly recognizable features of bull dogs are their rolls of skin giving them that adorable look. It’s important to remember that if you own or are thinking of getting a bull dog that their rolls do trap dirt and bacteria and need extra grooming attention.

Bull Dogs can Skateboard

If you have not seen the video below than you really should take a look. Otto the bull dog is just amazing, not only able to ride a skateboard on his own but can actually put his paw down on the ground to push himself faster like a human would use their foot. I know that this is not normal but it’s really amazing to watch and displays how smart these dogs really are. You can see the whole story on Otto’s world record at the Guinness World Records site.