How To Perform CPR on Bulldogs

It’s every Bulldog’s owners worst nightmare. If you found your Bulldog lying flat on the ground, not breathing and unresponsive, would you know what to do? Sadly most people would not know how to handle the situation and probably try to rush to the vet which would take far too much time.

If you find yourself in a life or death situation in a race against the clock, these are the things you need to do in order to have the best chance to save your Bulldog’s life.

3 Steps to Follow when preforming CPR on Your Bulldog

  1. Position your dog on their right side so that their heart is pointing up to you and check their pulse and breathing by placing your hand over their heart and their paws.
  2. If you don’t feel a pulse, check their airway to see if there is anything blocking it. Then pull their tongue forward to help clear the airway.
  3. If they are still unresponsive, hold their mouth shut with one hand so that air does not come out and and blow into their nose 5 quick breathes. You should see movement in their chest if you are performing it correctly. Wait a few seconds, then start the quick breathes again. In between breathes, with you hands together pump their chest with 10 quick compressions. It can take up to a couple minutes to get a response.

While these steps can of course not guarantee to save your Bulldog’s life, it will give them a fighting chance of survival. Below is a great video showing a real life situation of performing these steps correctly to save a Bulldog’s life.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry

Being prepared with lifesaving skills is one thing that most people just don’t make a priority. It’s something we see on TV and think that it won’t happen us, so we don’t take the time to get properly trained in CPR. Don’t you think spending a couple hours with a trained CPR Instructor is worth it? You will leave the class with so much confidence knowing that you now know how to properly respond in a emergency situation. Finding a good CPR instructor is not hard at all either. If you do a quick google search for CPR classes in your area I’m sure you will find one close. I’m personally from South Orange County, Ca and I found a great instructor named Scott through his company, A Hero For Life. Like most CPR instructors, he mainly teaches CPR for saving your fellow humans but he also gave me instructor for small and large dogs as well.

In conclusion, it’s a wise decision to take a couple hours out of your life to learn how to save one. As dog owners we feel responsible for our four legged friends like we do our own children, and if we lose them to a situation we could have resolved by knowing proper CPR, it’s heartbreaking. Be safe and prepared, get trained by a professional so you can go into a emergency situation with confidence and not fear.

Raw Food To Keep Your Bulldog Healthy

In todays world there are so many options to choose from when it comes to dog food, so it can be very confusing when making choice. Do you go with the most expensive bag in the store, or should you cook for your dog, or should they eat raw meat like wolves in the wild. In this post we will not cover a specific type of food but some additional supplements you can add to their food to enhance their nutrition and overall health.

Why Raw Food is Good For Dogs

To begin, it’s important to understand that this is a very debatable topic. Some people swear by a raw food diet fro dogs and others say it can be dangerous for their health.

Dogs are very different from humans, obviously. If you go back just 100 years, dog food as we know it (the dry stuff you can buy in bags) did not exist. So what did dogs eat before that? They ate a mixture of raw and cooked food (mainly left overs from their human masters).

If you do decide to start your dog on a raw diet, it is recommended to feed them a mixture of organ meats, muscle meats, ground bones, raw eggs and some raw yogurt.

The video below gives insight into how raw dog food is made. There are many different ways, this is just one example.

Resource for Raw Dog Food

There are so many options on the market today for dog food it could make your head spin. I recommend you make it yourself, but if you have a really busy life and don’t have the time, Darwin’s natural pet products has some great options.

In closing, it’s important to remember that this is a debatable topic that you will find many different opinions on. The only way to know what works best for your dog is to try them out.

Interesting Facts about Bulldogs

Okay, so you might be thinking, all dogs are lovable, and of course you are right. But there is something about bulldogs that sets them apart. In this post I’ll cover some of the history and features of bulldogs you won’t find in other breeds.

Bull Baiting

This might upset some people, but remember this was over 100 years ago. Bull baiting was a blood sport where a full sized bull would be tied to a post on a leash while 1 or more bull dogs would attempt to take the bull dog down. It sounds brutal I know, but this is what people in England did for entertainment back then and is how the bull dog we know and love today got it name.

Rolls & Rolls

The most obvious and instantly recognizable features of bull dogs are their rolls of skin giving them that adorable look. It’s important to remember that if you own or are thinking of getting a bull dog that their rolls do trap dirt and bacteria and need extra grooming attention.

Bull Dogs can Skateboard

If you have not seen the video below than you really should take a look. Otto the bull dog is just amazing, not only able to ride a skateboard on his own but can actually put his paw down on the ground to push himself faster like a human would use their foot. I know that this is not normal but it’s really amazing to watch and displays how smart these dogs really are. You can see the whole story on Otto’s world record at the Guinness World Records site.